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Meanwhile at the Podcast is a show about pop culture, entertainment, and fandom. Your hosts George (formerly of The George and Tony Entertainment Show), Rodney (the graphic artist otherwise known as Art Nerrd), Kristin and Rich (the married team supreme formerly of Comic Logic Books and Artwork) share opinions and comments about movies, TV, comics, prose, music, theater, and the creative arts along with relatable slice of life anecdotes.

Aug 29, 2020

Hi, everybody. Multi-Ringo Award nominated writer David Pepose, returns to the show to talk about his latest Kickstarter project; The O.Z. It's The Hurt Locker meets The Wizard Of Oz when Dorothy Gale's granddaughter, a disillusioned Iraq war veteran, must survive the war-torn land of Oz. Back the project at before September 16, 2020.

The O.Z. is written by David Pepose, illustrated by Ruben Rojas, colored by Whitney Cogar, and lettered by DC Hopkins.

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