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Meanwhile at the Podcast is a show about pop culture, entertainment, and fandom. Your hosts George (formerly of The George and Tony Entertainment Show), Rodney (the graphic artist otherwise known as Art Nerrd), Kristin and Rich (the married team supreme formerly of Comic Logic Books and Artwork) share opinions and comments about movies, TV, comics, prose, music, theater, and the creative arts along with relatable slice of life anecdotes.

Oct 26, 2019

Hi, everybody. Kristin and Rodney have the week off so George is joined by the god of podcasting himself, Bryan Loy (@GoLoySauceGo on Twitter). Bryan is the Creative Manager of Alamo Drafthouse in One Loudoun in Northern Virginia. He can also be frequently heard on the Epic Film Guys Podcast.

George and Bryan met in...

Oct 19, 2019

Hi, everybody. The gang's all here to talk about Joker, Disney Plus, The Addams Family, Kristin's wedding, and The Banana Splits Movie. Tra La La.

We have extended the deadline for our Meanwhile At The Podcast Spotify Playlist Challenge to midnight EST Sunday, November 10, 2019. Can you identify which host picked which...

Oct 12, 2019

Hi, everybody. While Kristin is away, George and Rodney will play. Not only do they talk about what they are reading, they provide a traffic report for your commute and announce a contest.

Rodney has created the Meanwhile At The Podcast Playlist (Volume 1) on Spotify and we are challenging you to identify which...

Oct 5, 2019

Hi, everybody. Kristin is off this week so Rodney and George run wild with talk about car shopping and Inktober. Plus, we ask the question, "To NYCC or not to NYCC?" and George went to see Abominable. All this and a curmudgeon alert!

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