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Meanwhile at the Podcast is a show about pop culture, entertainment, and fandom. Your hosts George (formerly of The George and Tony Entertainment Show), Rodney (the graphic artist otherwise known as Art Nerrd), Kristin and Rich (the married team supreme formerly of Comic Logic Books and Artwork) share opinions and comments about movies, TV, comics, prose, music, theater, and the creative arts along with relatable slice of life anecdotes.

Nov 30, 2019

Hi, everybody. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Kristin and Rodney are still shopping and hunting for Black Friday holiday deals so George asked his buddy, Disneyland cast member Rob Shade, to play guest cohost. They talk about the holidays at the park, His Dark Materials, and the part Rob played in an exciting...

Nov 23, 2019

Hi, everybody. We're here to help you get through your holiday road trip.

Rodney is off this week leaving Kristin and George the honor of announcing the winner of our #MATPSpotify contest. Plus, Thanksgiving plans, Black Friday, Jeff Goldblum, and Imagineers. Are you happy, Disney Ninjas?

We are thankful for all of you...

Nov 16, 2019

Hi, everybody. Kristin is back to tell us all about her wedding and honeymoon. Plus, a spoiler filled discussion about episode 1 of The Mandalorian.

George and Rodney appeared on episode 25 of Your Podcast Or Mine, a show where your host, Sherry, interviews the creative minds behind your next favorite podcast. Check it...

Nov 9, 2019

Hi, everybody. Kristin is recovering from the post-wedding-and-honeymoon celebrations leaving Rodney and George to fend for themselves. Don't worry, though. They talk about music, sports, movies, TV, books, comics, and tales from their own weddings.

We have extended the deadline for our Meanwhile At The Podcast Spotify...

Nov 2, 2019

Hi, everybody. Rodney's friend Derek (previously heard on episode 8) returns to fill in for Kristin while she is honeymooning. Yes, we made "honeymoon" a verb.

This week, we talk about sour beers, Rise of Skywalker trailer spoilers (proceed with caution) and general Star Wars speculation. Plus, binge culture, Rodney...