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Meanwhile at the Podcast is a show about pop culture, entertainment, and fandom. Your hosts George (formerly of The George and Tony Entertainment Show), Rodney (the graphic artist otherwise known as Art Nerrd), Kristin and Rich (the married team supreme formerly of Comic Logic Books and Artwork) share opinions and comments about movies, TV, comics, prose, music, theater, and the creative arts along with relatable slice of life anecdotes.

Apr 10, 2021

Hi, everybody. Kristin and Rodney are back! George takes it old school this week with PBS documentaries about Doc Severinsen and Ernest Hemingway and two current graphic novels related to creative innovators of the past: Chasin' The Bird: Charlie Parker In California by Dave Chisholm ( with Peter Markowski and Mary: The Adventures of Mary Shelley's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Granddaughter by Brea Grant and Yishan Li. Then it's on to spoiler-filled conversations about The Snyder Cut, Godzilla vs. Kong, Invincible, and The Falcon and Winter Soldier. All this plus CICADAS!!!


Justice League: The Snyder Cut 38:08

Suicide Squad trailer 56:57

Godzilla vs Kong 58:47

Jupiter's Legacy trailer 1:07:14

Invincible 1:12:24

The Falcon and Winter Soldier 1:17:26

Loki trailer 1:30:01

Last week we were joined by How Bowers and Brian Miles of the RetroWDW podcast. Their Platinum Movie Night livestream to benefit the Lake Buena Vista Historical Society is taking place Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 8PM EST. For more information to donate to the cause and participate , please visit Follow Retro WDW on Twitter @RetroWDW and listen to Brian, How, Todd McCartney, and JT Kuzior on the Retro WDW Podcast on your favorite podcast app. Visit the Lake Buena Vista Historical Society at

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