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Meanwhile at the Podcast is a show about pop culture, entertainment, and fandom. Your hosts George (formerly of The George and Tony Entertainment Show), Rodney (the graphic artist otherwise known as Art Nerrd), Kristin and Rich (the married team supreme formerly of Comic Logic Books and Artwork) share opinions and comments about movies, TV, comics, prose, music, theater, and the creative arts along with relatable slice of life anecdotes.

Dec 28, 2019

Hi, everybody. We are here to help you fight the post-holiday blues with an episode that's twice the length and six times as fun.

Eric from the Longbox Review podcast returns and joins George to continue the yuletide tradition started on his show to discuss some holiday themed comics of years gone by. Grab some hot cocoa, sit by the fire, or just have this on while you travel as George and Eric wax nostalgic over six comics with tales of the triumph of the holiday spirit. Plus, you will learn why Eric is Team Nature Girl.

Timestamps for your convenience:

14:01 - Image Comics - Dynamo 5 Holiday Special (2010) 

21:25 - Boom! Studios - Rugrats: C is For Chanukah (2018)

37:19 - DC Comics - DC Holiday Special (2017)

53:54 - DC Comics - Superman Vol. 1 No. 369 (1981)

1:17:00 - Marvel Comics - Merry X-Men Holiday Special (2018)

1:38:15 - Marvel Comics - Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 No. 127 (1982)

The two previous Christmas Gab Bags can be found at or just subscribe to Eric's show on your favorite podcatcher. The episode numbers are 129 (December 2017) and 158 (December 2018).

We hope you had a great holiday and we wish you health and happiness in 2020 and beyond. Please follow us on social media and leave us a five star rating on your podcast apps so other people can find the show. Thank you for listening. Happy New Year!